Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marc Navarro 2 B Narcís Oller - Rosa T SF Prep NM US (see comment)

Hi, I’m Marc and I’m from Valls (Catalonia). I’m 13 years old.
I’m a student at Narcís Oller high school in Valls. I’m a happy person and my friends say I’m a good friend. I’ve got brown-green eyes and black hair.

About my family:
My father’s name is Germinal. He’s from France. He came to Spain when he was 10. My mother’s name is M. Dolores.
They are employed at a car factory. I’ ve got one brother: Ian. He is 16. I have got 4 grandparents: My mothers’ parents (Carmen and Florentino) and my fathers’ parents (Jeaninne and Cristobal). I have got five uncles, five aunts and 8 cousins.

My interests
I like music, especially the rap.
I love basketball, I play in the city basketball team. I like skating.
What do you like?

 My time and money
I spend a lot of time playing basketball and meeting friends.
I spend my money in pieces of skate, clothes, etc.

I like this project because I can learn more English and meet new people.
I don’t know a lot of things about your country. I know the Lakers and Pau Gasol and I watch American movies.

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yesyoucan said...

My name is Rosa and I live in Santa Fe. I am 14. I am a student at Santa Fe Prep. I have blue eyes and long hair. My hair is red. I am funny and fun. Are you good looking? Are you ugly? I like to sing and dance.

My dad’s name is Tom. My moms name is Michelle. My dad is very kind. My mom is very fun. I have two dogs. The names of my dogs are Stormy and Baby. I have one frog, his name is Doberman. I have many fish. My grandparents are named Tom, Mary Lou, Marilynn, and Bill.

I like sports. I like futbol. I play competitive futbol. I like to sing and dance. My friends Estella, Fredrica, Raquel, and Isabel are very fun. Mi amiga Andrea is very nice. I like to eat and run. When is your birthday? My birthday is February 15. I like volleyball.
Talk to you soon!