Monday, December 5, 2011

From Julia Cañellas 2A, Valls to Pepe S SFPrep NM USA

Hi. I'm Julia and I'm from Valls.
I'm 13 years old and my birthday is 6 of March. I'm a student at Narcís Oller High School in Valls.
I'm chatty and cheerful.
I've got long and brown hair and brown eyes. (hazelnut color)
My father's name is Pep and my mother's name is Vicky. I've got one brother his name's Pep. He's 6 years old.
I have got 3 grandparents. My mother's parents and my father's parents. I have got 3 uncles, one aunt and two cousins.
I'm really into sports. I play basketball in Valls.
I'm a big fan of BARÇA.
My favorite TV program is el Barco.

I spend a lot of time surfing on the internet, talking with my friends and play basketball.
I spend money with a lot of clothes and mobile phone.
I have been learning English for 9 years.
I like to see human towers "Castells"
Hello! My name is Pepe.  I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico (United States). I am 13 years old. I go to  the Santa Fe Prepatory school in Santa Fe. I like Art, and Music.
  I have brown hair, and  brown and green eyes.
  I don’t have any  brothers or sisters. My father’s name is Edward, and my mother’s name is  Mignon.
  I have two grandmothers  (Elizabeth and Toshiko), I have three aunts, and three uncles.
  I like art.
  I to play music.
    I spend a lot of time on  the internet.
  My father and I are very  good friends electronically.
  In Santa Fe, New Mexico  (United States) there are many mountains, and many rocks.
  I like incence.  My favorite comes from India and  Japan.
  My friend Coleman and I  see each other most days. Coleman and I like to paint together.
  I like television. My  favorite program is Flight of the Concords.
  Bye! Write to me!

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