Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anna Solé 2 ESO A Narcís Oller - Carlos B SFprep NM USA (see comment)


I’m Anna, I was born in Valls (Catalonia) in 1998. I’ m an only child, I’ve got blue eyes and blond hair, I study at Institut Narcis Oller. My heart is not from Spain. My country is Catalonia. It is now an autonomous community of Spain but in the past tt was a big country and had part of the current islands of Italy, some part of France, Valencia and the Balearic islands.

Now Ioing to talk a little bit about my family. My father’s Josep Maria and he works for an architects' firm and my mother’s name is Teresa but all the people calls her Tere. She is the accounting director from her company. I’ve got two grandmothers. They live in Valls and  Alcover (a city near Valls)
I’ve got a lot of uncles and cousins.
About my interests I’ve got a lot of things to tell you, I like current Catalan music Like Pets, Terapia de shock, Amics les arts or my favorites singers Beth and Cesk  Freixes. Here you can find some links of these singers:

I like seeing the “castells” or human towers in English. I play football, and my favorite hobby is sailing I sail in a city of my country. In December I am going to Palma de Mallorca for my first international competition. I also like  pets especially dogs and  I love drawing.
What do you like?
I am going to sleep now. I’ve got some things more to tell you! But you have to wait for the next e-mail
Write soon Anna!

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yesyoucan said...

About Me
Hi. My name is Carlos. I am from Cuba. Cuba is very fun. I was born in India. I am 12 years old.

My family:
The name of my father is “Jose”. My mother is called “Sofia”. I do not have any siblings. I have one pet. Its name is Radhe. I have a lot of cousins in my family. My grandmother and grandfather live in India. My grandfather is very funny and nice. He liked to wear blue pants and green T-shirts.

My Interests
I like to play the trumpet. I also like to run. I like to play cricket. It is very fun. I also like to study. I like to skate. I like to cook. I like to drink soft drinks. My birthday is June 16. My dad’s birthday is January 2. My mom’s birthday is June 24.