Monday, December 5, 2011

Alexandra Sánchez 2A Valls - Pablo U SFPrep NM USA

Hi. I'm Alexandra Sanchez I'm from Valls. I'm 13 years old. I'm student at Narcis Oller in Valls.
I'm dependent, but quite shy. I've got green eyes and blond hair.
My father's name is Carlos and my mother's name is Rosalba.
I haven't got brothers. I haven't got pets. I have got 2 grandparents: My mothers' parents (Neus and Jordi). I have got four uncles, four aunts and four cousins.
I like music rap and electro. I'm also fan of Nach and David Guetta.
I play tennis at the Tennis Club Valls. What do you like?
I spend my free time in the street with my friends and chat with the laptop. I spend my money on clothes and sweets.
My name is Pablo U.  I am from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I am 12.  I study at SFPREP.  I have blue eyes and short hair.  I am redheaded. My father is Pedro and my mom is Kristina.  I have a sister, her name is Zoe. She is 14. I have a dog, my dog has short black hair.  I have three grandparents and no greatgrandparents.  My grandma is Peggy, mi grandparents are Ike and Paul.  I have eleven uncles, their names are Bob, Ann, Alex, Matt, Merideth, Matt, Ann, Ann Svenja, Paul and James.  I have many cousins.  I like to eat, swim, ice skate and run.  I like music and I playing basketball.  I like school and I  study a lot.
Pablo U.

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