Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ariadna Carbonero 2B to Pablo M SF Prep NM USA

Hi, I'm Ariadna and I'm from Valls. I was born in Barcelona. I'm 15. I'm a student at Narcis Oller High School in Valls. I'm independent, active and very sentimental. I've got brown eyes and brown hair.

My father's name is Juan Manuel and my mother's name is Raquel. They work in a bar. I've got one siter. Her name is Judith. We've also got two pets: our cat and dog; the dog's name is Daisy and the cat's name is Lili.
I've got 4 grandparents: my mother's parents (Carmen and Antonio) and my father's parents (Rosa and Juan). I've got two uncles and two aunts; Jessica and Maite. Jessica has two daughters.

I'm really into music, especially Pop and International Music. I'm also a big fan of black berry. I love facebook. I spend a lot of time surfing on the internet and talking with my friends. I spend my money on tobacco, magazines and clothes.

I'm interested in knowing interesting things about your country.
About Me
Hello! My name is Eduardo. I’m from Santa Fe, United States.  My school is Santa Fe Prepatory. I’m 13 years old. I’m quiet.  I’m hardworking, smart, and nice. I have brown hair.  My eyes are brown. I’m short.
My Family
My mom is named Isabel and my dad is named Juan. They work in an office. I have three brother and one sister. They’re named David, Felipe, Leonardo, and Cristina. I have one grandfather. He lives in France.  I have five uncles and seven aunts. I also have nine cousins.
My Interests
I play soccer. I am good.  I like to run and swim. I also like math.  I like science, Spanish, and art. I like music.  I like hip/hop a lot. I sometimes like school. I like to be with my friend. My math teacher is my favorite. He is very nice and very funny. He is named Jesus. Math is easy. I like to play with my dog. My dog is named Rufus.  I also like hedgehogs.

What is your favorite class? Do you have any pets? I’d like to hear from you soon!

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