Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From Alexandre Carreras, Valls to Margarita Santa Fe, NM US

'I play piano & cello'
Hi. I'm Alexandre and I'm from Catalonia. I'm 13 years old. I'm a student at institute Narcís Oller in Valls. I was born in Tarragona, but I live with my parents in a very little village next to Valls. Its name is "Picamoixons". I've got brown eyes and black hair. I'm not very tall.
My father's name is Armand and my mother's name is Caterina. They are teachers.
I've got a sister and one dog: Sofia and Whiskey. I have only one grandmother called Nina and live in Bulgary. I have only one uncle because the other he died four years ago. (the two are brothers of my mother)
I like music and I play two instruments: piano and violoncello.
I love the sport and I want someday have a good level of downhill bike.
Part of my free time I dedicate to cycling and be with my friends.
I spend my money on reparations and parts of my bikes.
What do you expect from this exchange?
I hope to learn a lot of English, and learn to have a conversation in English .
Why do I want to learn English?
I want to learn English because it is an advantage for any work, and is very useful for travels. Today is very important to know English to communicate. I think the customs and culture should be very interesting.

'I like to swim'
About me
Hello! My name is Margarita. I am from Santa Fe. I am 13 years old; my birthday is April 28. My school is Santa Fe Prep. I am tall. I have brown hair. I am a good student.

My family
My father is named Robert. My mom is named Pamela. I don’t have a brother or a sister.I don’t have any grandparents. My dog is named Poco. Poco is a pug. He is black and white.

My interests
I like to swim. I swim is physical education. I like to study and get a good grade.
My money and time
In my spare time I study Spanish and math. I always study Spanish. I study math a lot. School is easy, but exams are hard. I rarely use a computer or a calculator in class. I prepare my homework early every day and never prepare it late.

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