Monday, December 5, 2011

From Olga 2A Narcís Oller to Jesus B SF Prep NM USA

Hi. I'm Olga and I'm from Barcelona but I live in Valls (Catalonia, Spain). I'm 13 years old and my birthday is 12 of August.
I'm a student at Narcis Oller high school in Valls
I'm chatty & nice. I've got green eyes and a brown hair.
My father's name is Rafa and my mother's name is Marisa. He's a postman and she's an administrative secretary.
I 'm an only child. I have got two grandparents (my mother's father (Magdalena) and my father's mother (Carlos)). My grandfather married again after my grandmother's death.
I have got five uncles, three aunts and six cousins.
I love music especially Shakira and Beyoncé but I hate music of Coldplay. My favourite series is Icarly and I love saga of Harry Potter. I dance at school.
I like spend the time watching TV or playing games. I spend my money on what I need.
I like to learn English and meet more people from another country, other cultures etc. I want to meet boys and girls from 13-14 years old
Hi my name is Jesus.  I am 14. I like my family.  I have a father, his name is Peter, I have a mother, her name is Cate and a sister, her name is Shane.  I like football.  I hate Barcelona FC.  I like Chelsea FC.  I hate Messi.
My dad is 49 years old.  My mom is 48.  My sister is 17.  I have a dog, he is 10.  I like to talk.  I like to eat Mexican food.
My friend Griffin is 40 years old, My friend Adam is 13.  My freind Keen is 40, Olivia is 17, Allison is 16, Hannah is 16, Rial is 18 Danny is 18, Malik is 18, McCall is 18 and Gram is 16.As you can see a long list of friends.  I am only 13 years old.
I wear pants and shoes and a t-shirt, socks and a jacket.  It is very pleasant to communicate with you.  I am the boss.

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