Monday, December 5, 2011

From Aitor Arjona 2A Valls to Isabel S SF Prep NM USA (See comment)

Hello, my name is Aitor, and I'm from Spain, from Catalonia.I'm 13 years old. I'm a student at Narcís Oller in Valls, Tarragona. I'm very funny, but shy, and a decided person. I have got brown hair and brown eyes.

My father's name is Jose Antonio, and my mother's name is Conchi.My father is an electrician and works in a Kellogg's factory, a very popular company of Spain, and I guess it is popular in America too. My mother works in a supermarket.I've got also a fat cat. Its name is Cuky. If you want, I can send a photo of my cat. I've got a little sister called Raquel. She is very naughty. 
Do you have a sister/brother very naughty and annoying?
Do you have a fat pet?

I'm really keen on computer games. I love playing shooter games. When I play, I'm very relaxed. I like going cycling on the mountains, and I like seeing the landscape of the mountains.What do you like doing in your free time? I like spending my money on new computer games and some chips and sweets.
What would you like to spend your money?

I really want to learn more English because I like travelling and meeting new people and new cultures. I can help my pen pal to learn Spanish. I have been learning English for 7 years.

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yesyoucan said...

My name is Isabel. I live in Santa Fe. I study at Santa Fe Prep. Santa Fe Prep is in Santa Fe. I was born in Australia. I’m 13 and my friend Rosa and I talk a lot.

My dad’s name is Isaac and my mom is Kelly. My mom lives in Santa Fe, but my dad lives in Australia. I have many brothers. Dakota is 16, Kalani is 22, Max is 20, and Kiosh is 24. I have two sisters. Sherah is 26 and Lywyn is 34. My family is grand!

I like animals a lot. I have a dog named Pablo. I have a horse named Pippa.

My favorite color is blue. What is your favorite color?

I like Spanish class, do you like learning English?

I spend also spend my money on magazines; I also spend my money on gifts for my friends.

Write back!