Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From Cristina Gragera 2B Narcís Oller to Pablo S SFPrep NM USA

Cristina Gragera
Hi! ,
I'm Cristina, I'm 13 years old and I'm from Valls in Catalonia. I'm a student at Narcis Oller High School in Valls.
I've got blue eyes and brown hair.
My father's name Jose and my mother name is Maria. My father is electrician and my mother works in a factory.
I've got one sister, her name is Alba and she is 19 years old.
We've also got 2 pets, the dog and cat; the name's dog is Cuca and the name's cat is Omali.
I have got 4 grandparents: my mother's parents name's Adela and Manolo; my father's parents name's Angeles and Juaquin.
I have got 1 uncle, 3 aunt and 7 cousins.

I'm really into fashion, especially Dior, Prada, etc.
I'm also a big fan of the TV show, especially ''El Barco'', ''Los Protegidos'' and ''Fisica o Quimica'' but it is no longer on TV.
What do you like?

I spend a lot of time surfing on the internet and chatting with my friends.

I really want to learn English because I like travelling and meeting new people from other countries. I can help my pen pal to learn Spanish. I want to meet boys and girls from 13-15 years old.

I am also interested in knowing interesting things about your country.

Hello my name is Pablo. I'm from Santa Fe I am thirteen years old going on fourteen in January .  I am a student at Santa Fe Prep. I have green eyes and brown hair.
I have three fathers. The names of my parents are William, Darrick, and Birch. My mother's name is Rebecca. My father, William is a construction worker and Birch and Darick are scientists. I have a half brother, Aiden. Aiden has two years old going on three years old in February.
I have a dog named PK. Have you seen  Harry Potter?. I have a grandmother. She is the mother of my mother. My grandmother is 64 years. She is very fit and can use a chain saw to cut the Christmas tree. I have no uncles or aunts. All my cousins are all girls. I love video games like Halo Reach and Assassins Creed. I like screamo, and metal music. My favorite band is Disturded. I like his music. I like snowboarding.

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