Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From Karen Aldana 2B Narcís Oller to Rosa G SFPrep NM USA

My name is Karen Aldana. I was born in Argentina but I live in Valls. I have lived in Valls for 9 months.
I am a student of IES Narcis Oller. I am in the 2nd course.
My mom is Ines and dad is Carlos. I have a sister: Jessica.  My dad works as a bricklayer and my mother works cleaning.
 I have 2 grandmothers (Natalia and Florencia) and 2 grandparents (Olimpio  and Luciano). Both my grandmothers are alive, but only one of my grandparents is alive, the other grandfather died.

I like listening to music and playing computer.
I would like to learn English.

Hello! My name is Rosa. I am from Georgia, but I live in NewMexico. I am 14 years old. I am a student at Santa Fe Prep. I am daring and nice. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I like to ride horses. I like to talk.I like to write, but I don’t like to draw. 
 My parents are Lisa and Chris. I have two sisters. My oldersister’s name is Alexandra. Alex is twenty-eight years old. My younger sister’sname is Mae. Mae is eleven years old. I like my sisters. Why don’t you likeanimals? We love animals! We have six dogs u fourteen horses and one cat. thecat is fat and ugly. I don’t like cats. 


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