Wednesday, December 7, 2011

From Ayoub Mouali 2B Narcís Oller to Margarita G Texas and NM SFPrep NM

Hi, I'm Ayoub I live in Valls but I'm originally from Morocco.I'm 15 years old. I have lived in Valls since 2005. I'm a student at Narcís Oller High School in Valls. 
I have got brown eyes and black hair.
About my family : My father's name is Abdelaziz and my mother's name is Fatima. I've got two brothers: Ibrahim and Youssef.Ibrahim is 10 and Youssef is 3 years old.
I have got 3 grandparents: My mothers parents (Hada) and my fathers parents (Menana and Ahmed). I have got three uncles, three aunts and 5 cousins.
My interests: I'm really into play football , play computer games and study. What do you like?
My time and money
In my free time I study , play football and practice sport general. I spend my money on snacks.
Why do you want to learn English? I like reading English , I like English in class. I'm good at reading Arabic and French
Hello, I am Margarita. I am from New Mexico, but was born in Texas. I am 13 years old. I go to Santa Fe Prep. I am nice, active and funny. I have brown hair and brown eyes.
My father’s name is Roberto and my mother’s name is Isabella. They work in a library. I have two sisters. My sisters’ names are Sparkle and Rainbow. I have two cats and one dog. My cats’ names are Mr. Cat and Ms. Cat. My dog’s name is Dog. 

I have three grandparents. I have four uncles and two aunts. I have five cousins. My cousins’ names are Phillin, Roberto, Bob, Fred, y Josè.
I love to dance. I also like music and art. I dance every day.  I spend my money on clothing, shoes and the movies. I listen to music a lot. My birthday is the fifteenth of March. I don’t like to skate and write. I like to run, talk and dance. My dog’s birthday is the eleventh of June.

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