Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A travel to Scotland

The best day on my life, was when I travelled to Scotland. I took a plane at nine o'clock and I was flying 2 hours. At eleven o'clock landed on Scottish Airport. I took a taxi and I went to hotel. At ten o'clock my family and I went to Scotland sea and I swam and played. When we finished, we went to the Hotel and slept all night, because were tired.

The next day we went to the city and we visited all the Glasgow city: Restaurants, museums, monuments. One more time, we went to hotel and we slept all night, because we were tired.The next day, we returned to the sea and swam and played again. At seven o'clock we went to the hotel and took our suitcases. Then we went to the airport. At ten o'clock I arrived to my house and phoned my friends. :)

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