Friday, February 3, 2012

Aina Martí Valls - Andrea W Santa Fe Prep

Hello Andrea! I’m Aina. My birthday is in 23rd of April.
I don’t have a favorite day, but in Monday I go to skating class and I really like it!
In a normal day I get up at 7:35. Then I have breakfast and I go to the school with a friend. Normally we have 7 hours of class and a half an hour for have breakfast.  But in Wednesday and Friday we have less lessons. Then when we finish the school, I go to other classes of English to learn more. But only in Monday (after skating class) and Tuesday.
Byee!! J
 Hello! This is Andrea.

How do you celebrate holidays in December? I celebrate Christmas. I am not religious. But we celebrate Christmas.

We go to Tucson, Arizona. Then, we start to get ready. My mom starts to cook for many relatives. On Christmas Eve we decorate the Christmas tree. Then, children open a gift. We eat a great dinner. We eat fondue dinner is very good. We get dinner and in the morning we opened our presents. For the day we have fun. We stay in Tucson, Arizona until the night before New Years. Then, New Year’s Eve watch people celebrate the New Years on television. Then, we go to our home. Then, open our presents. We a lot have fun. Our family is very funny comic and fantastic.

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