Friday, February 3, 2012

Silvia Garcia and Annia Garcia - Fernando L SF Prep NM USA

SILVIA: HI. My favorite day of the week is Friday,
Because I leave the school an hour before. Have lunch a one o´clock.
Because later in the afternoon, we have don´t school. And have more time to the homework.
Good bay ,I hope you answer me  again.

FERNANDO: Hi. My favorite day of the week is Friday because it is easy. Friday is easy because the classes are easy. First I wake up at 7 o’clock. Then I take a shower. I put on my clothes. Then I eat my breakfast. I brush my teeth with toothpaste.

I go to school. Classes start at 8 o’clock. First I have English. English is interesting and easy. The teacher of Robert Wilder.  Robert Wilder is very nice. Then I have Acting. Acting is interesting. The teacher of Acting is Brad. Brad is funny. I have Spanish. Spanish is hard. The Spanish teacher is Senora Sheldon. I have history. History is easy and interesting. The teacher of history is Mr. Murray. Mr. Murray is interesting. Then I go to the cafeteria to eat. During lunch I talk with my friends. After lunch I have science The teacher of science is Mr. Shelton. Mr. Shelton is funny.  Then I have cross country. The teacher of C.C. is Laura  Lastly I go home. Generally there is less homework on Friday and I can finish all the assignments at school.  Then my mother and I go to the video store and rent a video.  The rest of the week there is no time to do homework at school.  Then I have to finish homework at home and there aren't any videos.

ANNIA: My favourite day of the week is Friday because:
I get up at seven o’clock and I have a breakfast. I go to bus stop and I go to Narcís Oller and I do 4 hours of class. Afterwards I go home of my grandparents and have lunch. Later I go to the school of my brother and help to the teachers of Preschool. At half past four I go with my friend Mar to walk around my village and the football stadium.

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