Friday, February 3, 2012

From Anna Moreno 2A Valls to Enrique C SFPrep NM USA

At quarter past 7 I wake up, and at half past 7 I get up. At 8 o’clock I have breakfast and I get ready to go to school, and at quarter past 8 my father takes the car and I leave home to go to school.
At 2 o’clock I have lunch in my house and at quarter past 3 I leave home to go to school again.
In the afternoon, the classes end at half past 5, and I have a snack at quarter to 5 when I get home. At quarter past 6 I go to dance school, with my friend.

At half past 8 I get home and I have a shower.  After I have dinner with my family, I do homework and I watch TV.
At half past 11 sometime I go to sleep.

A day en the life of Enrique.
I get up at six. I eat breakfast. I go to english class. I like english. In english we do grammer and read. I don't like grammer but I like to read.  Then I go to social studdies. I don't like social studies much. After that I have a recess. Then I have science class. Science is very interesting. Science is very fun. After I have math class. Math class is my favorite. The math teacher is very interesting and very fun. After that I go to lunch. Lunch is very fun and funny. My friends and I talk. After lunch I go to music. Music class is very fun. In music I write music. Then I go to spainish class. Finaly I have my P.E. class and there I practice basketball.  I like playing basketball a lot. Then I go to my house.

JOSE W wrote:
Hello my name is Jose. My favorite day of the week is Saturday. Fisrt a wake up from a deep sleep. then I go down to eat. Then I call my friends. His name are Sam, Patrick , Griffin, Keenan, Wyeth Car, Peter, Max ,and Malik Rifi.  Then I look at my TV and I watch  TV and I play fifa, callof duty, assasons Creed, Skyrim, Madden NFL, in my x box. Then my friends arrive. We play many sports, eat a slice of pizza, we play video games and have a lot of fun.  After a trick or more of my friends they leave. Sam, Griffin and Patrick normally stay. Sometimes we go to a movie, or a sleep over at guest house, or I could go to one of my friends house. Then we have dinner. Finally, we go to sleep.

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