Friday, February 3, 2012

Lluís Quero 1 B Narcis Oller - Alejandro F, SFPrep

LLUIS: Hello.
My favourtie day of the week is Saturday. It’s my favourite day because I don’t go to school, I play football with my friends, I ride bike too and I can go to sleep when I want. On Saturday I can play  Play Station and Wii all the time. I love Saturdays. Bye
ALEJANDRO: I wake up, and I hear the alarm. I walk to the shower, and feel the hot water. I brush my teeth, an smell breakfast. I eat the bacon and scrambled eggs. They taste good. Outside, I feel cold, but inside the car it’s warm.

At school I hear the teacher, “write now!” he says. I feel tired. In the acting class, I see the actors, and hear the instructor. During the break, I taste the hot chocolate and smell the burritos. En Spanish I hear the teacher say that there is a test tomorrow. I feel tired again.
Later, I go to earth science. The teacher is interesting. “Why don’t you have your homework?” the teacher says to a student. During lunch I smell pizza, and I buy a refreshment. I taste the pizza, and it tastes good.
Mathematics is not boring; the teacher is interesting and funny. During global studies, I feel borec and don’t listen to the teacher.
I swim during P.E. Later, I feel cold.

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