Friday, February 3, 2012

De Rares Capilna y Rafa, Valls to Frederica M Santa FE

  RARES: My favourite day of the week is Saturday.In Saturday there are not homework and I have no need to go to school. We are free on Saturday and we don't do anyhting. 

  RAFA: My best day is Saturday because I can sleep even though there are days when I can not because I have matches and I have to get up at eight.
I always eat cereal with milk. After lunch I do my homework I get at school and then I eat pie if my mother does. Before going to sleep I watch movies on TV.

So long Frederica

FREDERICA: My favorite day of the week
My favorite day of the week is Friday. In the morning, I have to wake up at six. Then I have breakfast. Later I go to
my school. My school is Santa Fe PREP. At school, first I go to my Spanish class.I really like my Spanish class. Then I go to my art class. Art is very fun. Then I go to the cafeteria for break. Then I go to my science class. Science is very easy and fun. Then I go to my math class. Math is very hard. Then I go to thecafeteria for lunch. Then I go to my English class. English is very fun and hard. Then I go to my social studies class. Social studies is very interesting.Then I go to my physical education class. Physical education is fun. Then school ends. Later I go home and I watch lots of tv!

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