Monday, February 6, 2012


In this unit you'll learn to use Past Simple and Past Continuous
1. Click on the link below to watch the video: Crazy Marriage Proposal.
2. Write sentences using Past Simple and Past Continuous to explain what happened.
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3. Find other funny situations and describe them in the past!

You may need the following words to describe the situation:
to propose someone: demanar algú per casar-s'hi
To fall down: Caure


Marta Cañamero said...

A group of friends were talking when the boy told to his girlfriend something but he fell down of a building and on the floor there's a poster with the words "Will you marry me?".

Cristina Gragera said...

Edgar was crossing the river when his friend made him fall in the river.

by: Cristina and Judit.

Guillem said...

A boy was running with a board under his arm to the sea when he fell off the table.

yesyoucan said...

do you really mean "table"?