Friday, February 3, 2012

From Olga Carrasco and Mouna to Jesus B

 OLGA: Every day I get up at half past seven and dress up and go to breakfast.
I brush my teeth and go to high school.
The first class it’s English, the second it’s sport, the next class it’s alternative education of religion. Then I go to the playground.  Next classes it’s Spanish and English.
At two o clock’ I go to lunch and at half past three return to school. The first class of afternoon it’s Catalan and next it’s math’s. 
When I finish the school I go to the hip hop classes and finish at half past six
In this hour I go to home and do the homework.
When I finish I go to dinner and go to bed.
Satuday is my favorite day.  Generally on that day I like to see soccer y because I hate the Barcelona FC team, generally we watch the British team.  I like Chelsea FC.  I hate Messi.
My dad is 49 years old and my mom is 48 years old.  They like to cook a good lunch. Mi sister and I eat many interesting things on Saturday.  I have a dog, he is ten generally we go and walk in the park.  I like to talk on the phone.  On Saturday I talk on the phone with my friends.  
My friend Griffin has a gym. in his house.  On Saturdays we go to his house and practice various sports.  In the evening I war pants and shoes and a t-shirt and a jacket.  If it is possible we go to the movies or rent a video.  Later we go home and we go to sleep.
My favorite day of the week is Monday because I like the things I do. 
I get up and have breakfast. Then I go to school by bus because I live in  Puigpelat and my school is in Valls. At school I have English, Catalan and Social Studies and then the break for half an hour. After the break we have Science and English. Then I have lunch and after lunch I have Spanish and Art.  I go home, do homework, have a bath and go to sleep in my room. 

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