Friday, February 3, 2012

My favorite day of the week by Raquel Pi and Marina Salinas, Valls - Pedro B Santa Fe

RAQUEL: My favorite day of the week is Sunday. In this day I play basketball with my team. The match starts at eleven o’clock but we are at the sports pavilion at quarter pars ten. After the game I go home and I watch TV. At two o’clock I have lunch with my brother and my parents. In the afternoon I watch film on TV, study and go out with my friends. At ten o’clock I have dinner and watch TV and chat on the facebook with my friends.
MARINA: I get up at half past seven before I  dress and eat breakfast, I brush my teeth and leave the house.
My mother takes me to school and  school finishes  at two o'clock .
At half past three, I go back to the high school.
 I finish the school at half past five. Then I go to train basketball and I finish at seven o'clock .
When I arrive  home I do  my homework and study.
 Before dinner I put on my pijama and I go to bed.

PEDRO: I wake up. I taste my morning breath. Then I taste my toothpaste. It tastes like mint. The minttastes very good. Then I taste the glass of water. The water is good.
I feel the water of the shower.It is warm. Later I feel the handle of my school door. It is cold from the coldnight. Then I feel my pencils and papers. 
Later I see the teacher andthe chalkboard. I see the words on the paper. Also, I see my paper and mypens.My hand write. They write the words and numbers. I see the clock. It isten forty-five. It is the morning.
I hear the teacher. I hearmy friends also. They are very well. I hear the pencils because the write. Ihear the clock. The teacher talks a lot. It is on mathematics. The teacher teaches very well. 
Finally I go to my house. Ismell the food. I want to eat the good food. It smells very good. I eat thefood and later I smell my toothpaste.

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