Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Talkative and hardworking Nerea Físico 2 B Narcís Oller to Juan Carlos W SFPrep NM (see comment)

I’m Nerea and I’m from Valls. I’m 13 years old.
I’m a student at Narcís Oller High School in Valls.
I’ve got brown eyes and brown hair.
My father’s name is Manuel and my mother’s name is Angeles.
My father installs kitchens. My mother’s is a housewife.
I’ve got one brother: Kevin. He’s 18 years old. We’ve also got a pet: our cat Rony.

I have got 4 grandparents: My mother's parents (Pilar and Andrés) and my father's parents (Amalia and Manuel). I have got three uncles, three aunts and six cousins.
I’m very chatty and I’m also very hardworking.
I like listening to music in my free time.
See you soon

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yesyoucan said...

Hi, my name is Juan-Carlos W. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I am fourteen years old. My eyes are brown and I have brown short hair. I like to play soccer very much. My father’s name is Pete and my mother’s name is Tina. I have one brother. My brother has visited Spain. My brother is fifteen years old. I have two grandfathers and two grandmothers. I have two uncles and four aunts. My birthday is January twenty first. My mother is forty nine years old. My father is forty eight years old. I am thin. I like burritos, enchiladas, and to eat much. I have two male cousins and seven female cousins. I study, play soccer, and play football. I like Spanish. I like math class. I like money. I like English class, science class, art class, and social studies. Goodbye.