Saturday, November 26, 2011

1st e-mail from our e-pals from Santa Fe, New Mexico US (

Dear students of Valls,
We are four groups of students at Santa Fe prep, Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States. Santa Fe is considered a small city. I has about 75,000 inhabitants inside the city.

Our school was named after our town (Santa Fe). Our school has about 360 students.  The students are between 11 and 18 years old.  The school has a Middle School (2 years) and the Upper School (4 years).
In our classes most of the students are from Santa Fe, New Mexico, but also there are students from Australia, France, Canada, India and Mexico.

We are students of first year Spanish. We are very happy with this opportunity. Our official language is English and we would like to become bilingual in Spanish.
We are funny, energetic, interesting and hardworking.  We like to talk a lot and also we like to communicate in Spanish! Your group class is interesting.  Yes we do want to learn Spanish.  Do you want to learn English?

Here some info about our country:

ü  Our country, the United States, is in a bad economic situation, with
fifteen trillion dollars of debt.
We want to know things about your country too. 
ü  Americans have many religions, but most Americans celebrate Christmas.
Tell us about your traditions, customs, habits, government, and economy too.
You can visit our school at  We do not have a video, but in the future this can be a project for our classes.
We are very excited about the being e-pals too. Bye bye for now! Write soon!

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