Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crazy bike jumper! Albert Mateus 2B Narcís Oller - Raul S SFPrep NM US

My bike for Dirt and 4x

I’m Albert and I’m from Valls. I’m 13 years old
I’m  student of Narcis Oller middle school in Valls.
I am talkative, lively and funny and friendly.
I’ve got brown eyes and black-long hair
My Interests:
I’m really into music, especially  pop. I play basketball on team of my city, CB Valls. I’m really into dirt and 4x ( or four cross)

About my family:
My father’s name is Jordi and my mother’s name is Cristina. They ‘re teachers.
I’ve got one sister: Mar. Mar is 10. I’ve got 3 grandparents:  My mother’s parents (Carme and Andreu) and my father’s parent (Teresa). My  grandfather died of cancer. I’ve got 8 uncles, 9 aunts and 11 cousins.

My time and my money: I spend a lot of time reading, going by bike to jump
I spend a lot of money for my bike
What do you expect from this exchange?
I really want to  learn English because a lot of my books are in English and I want to make friends, too.

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yesyoucan said...

Hello! My name is Raul. I am 13 and I live in a
house. I go to school at S.F.P. My school is very
big. I am very outgoing. I have grey eyes and
blond hair. My dads name is Jamal. He works in
an office. My moms name is Tiffany. I have a
brother too. His name is Jarrett. He is five years
old. I also have a dog. He is white. He is three
years old. He lives in my house. Do you or any of your
friends have animals?
I like Facebook. I also like to eat. What do you
eat in Spain? I like to ride my bike. Do you like to play Volleyball?
I like to wear pants. My favorites are jeans. Do you have Jeans? Do you like to ski? It's my favorite! I do tricks on snow.
My favorite place to do tricks on snow is
Breckenridge Colorado. It is very famous. It is
very big. Do you like to fish? I fish every day in the summer. It is very interesting. Do you like Facebook?