Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A great fan of downhill biking: GERARD MOIX, 2 B Narcís Oller - Julio R SF Prep NM USA (see comment)

My name is Gerard and I’m from Picamoixons, a village near Valls. I’m 13 years old. I’m student at Narcís Oller High School in Valls. I’m happy person and my friends say I’m funny. I’ve got brown eyes and blonde hair.

ABOUT MY FAMILY: My father’s name is Jaume and my mother’s name is Carme. I’ve got one brother: Marc. He is 18. We haven’t got any pet. My mother is coordinator of a home for elderly people and my father is a farmer. I’ve got 3 grandparents, about 4 uncles, 4 aunts and 6 cousins.
MY INTERESTS: I’m really into DJ music, especially David Guetta, Deadmau5, DJ Bl3nd, Hardwell and Tiësto.I like watch videos of Red Bull events on Youtube, for exemple Red Bull Rampage.
MY TIME AND MONEY: I spend a lot of time practicing and competing downhill. If you want, you can watch this video of this sport . I spend my money on sweets for me and my friends and new bikes.
I want to learn English because I would like to meet people from different countries. I am also interested in knowing how a day in your country is. See you soon!

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yesyoucan said...

My name is Julio, and I am a student at Santa Fe Preparatory, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. New Mexico is a state in the United States. I am 12 years old. My birthday is the 10th of January. I am very smart, and I am tall. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am from the United States.
About my Family:
My father’s name is William. He is from Colorado, a different state in the United States. My mother’s name is Elizabeth. She is from Massachusetts. I have two grandparents, Joe and Louise. I have many cousins.
My Interests:
I like playing videogames, for example, the recently released “Skyrim.” “Skyrim has very epic music. I also like biking around town, and downhill skiing.
What I Want from this Exchange:
I want to meet some new friends from other countries. Also, I want to know what life is like in your country.