Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Big fan of Mexico and Play Station, Aleix Sancho 2 B - Salome SF Prep NM US (see comment)

Hi. I’m Aleix Sancho and I’m from Valls a city of Catalonia. I’m 13 years old. I’m a student at Narcis Oller in Valls. I’m inteligent, quiet and tidy. I’ve got grey eyes and black and long hair.

ABOUT MY FAMILY: My father’s name is Miquel and my mother’s name is Mª Antonia. He works in a factory, and she is a housewife. We’ve got some pets: our fish. I have got 3 grandparents: My mothers’ parents (Alfredo and Rosa) and my father father (Isabel). I have got four uncles, four aunts and three cousins.
MY INTERESTS: I’m really into music, especially LMFAO. I’m also a big fan of Play Stations. I love Paris and Mexico things. I play football in the Valls team. What do you like?

I spend a lot of time surfing on the internet, talking with my friends and play Play Station. I spend my money on games of Play station and bike things.
What do you expect from this exchange? I really want to learn English because I like travelling and meeting new people. I can help my pen pal to learn English. I want to meet boys and girls from 12-14 years old. I am also interested in knowing things about your country.

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yesyoucan said...

Hello! My name is Salomé. I am fourteen years old and I live inPojoaque, New Mexico. I have brown eyes and black hair. I am tall. I have twosisters. My oldest sister’s name is Tina and she is twenty-three years old. Iam the youngest daughter. My other sister, Brooke, has long black hair. I havemany cousins. My favorite cousins are Ashley and Vanessa. Ashley is eighteenyears old. Vanessa is fourteen years old. Vanessa is not patient. Vanessa isfunny and interesting.
I have a lot of fun(divertido)in school. My favorite clas is math. The teacher is funny and (simpatico). Ilike science, too. There are many good-looking people in school.
I am very athletic. I like to play basketball, tennis, and dance.I like to run, also. There is a mountain behind the school. We run on the mountain.I like music. I play piano, base, and sing in my band. - Bye! Salome