Monday, March 5, 2012

Raquel's family

In my family there are my brother, my mother, my father and me.  
My mum’s name is Esther and she is forty-six years old. She’s from small village near the Burgos.
My father’s name is Oscar and he is forty-five years old. He’s born in Barcelona.
My brother  there are sixteen years old. He was born in a hospital of Barcelona. He lived in “Prat del Llobregat” near to Barcelona and when he was two years old he went to live in Valls.
He did the communion in the church of Lladó.
My brother did swimming and competing. Now he does playing football, ride a bike and jump to bike.
My brother is tall and thin. He has brown eyes and he is strong. He has got a brown hair. He wear sport clothes.

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