Saturday, March 10, 2012

My family on Photopeach!!

Hi! I'm Aina and I am going to talk about my family.
I don't have a big family, because my father have only one brother, and my mother too. I have one brother and three cousins.
My father
My father's name is Jaume. He is tall and he isn't very fat. He has black short hair and brown eyes. He likes runing and cycling.
My mother
my mother isn't very tall. She has brown short hair and blue eyes. She is nice and she likes walking on the beach.
My brother
My brother is very tall and thin. He is very intelligent. He is 18 yars old and he goes to the university in Barcelona. He really likes computers.
My cousin
Her name is Sonia and she is 12 years old, this year she celebrates her 13th birthay. She has brown hair and brown eyes.
She likes going into the swimming-pool and play in the computer. She doesn't like vegetables.
We always have great times toghether. In the summer we go in the village of our grand-parents and we play with other girls and boys.


yesyoukan said...

Great work!

Annia said...

How old is sonia?

Damaris said...

Very well! Your speaking is fantastic! and your vocabulary is exelent!

Aina Marti Juan said...

She is 12 years old, but this year she is going to celebrate her 13th birthday.