Friday, March 2, 2012

Speaking about my family. Dámaris

Hi! I'm Dámaris and I am going to talk about my family.
I have a big family. I have two uncles, three cousins, a grandmother and a great-grandmother on the side of my mother and, one uncle, three aunts, eight cousins, a grandmother and a great-grandmother on the side of my father.
In my house we are: my father, my mother, my sister and me.

- My father:

His name is Antonio. He is 45 years old, he is big, his hair is short and brown and has dark eyes. He is very friendly and a really good person. He loves to go to the mountain.

- My mother:

Her name is
Maria. Is 39 years old. Isn't very big, her hair is long and brown and has black eyes. Is a fantastic, cheerful and affectionate. Loves
go to Port Aventura and the shopping.

- My sister:

Her name is Lucia. Is 5 years old and is very pretty. It is small, has blond hair and her eyes are brown, bright and very big. Is friendly and fun but very shy. She likes to wear pink, and the Barbies, loves Hello Kiity and swimming pool, doesn't like doing homework but yes draw.


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yesyoukan said...

Hi Damaris! This is a nice presentation of your family.
You can clik on the LISTEN Button to hear it.
Please revise your text and add a Subject before every verb:
Example 1 :"Is friendly " is not right, you have to write the subject before the verb: She is friendly.
Example 2: " Is 39 years old" : SHE IS 39 years old

So please read it again and add corrections!
Have a nice weekend