Thursday, March 1, 2012

3-0 FCBarcelona - Real Madrid

Last year, I went to see a football match in Barcelona, it was an extraordinary event of my life. We went to Camp Nou and we saw a spectacular F.C.Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.
We left home at six o'clock and we arrived to Barcelona at haf past eight. The match didn't start at nine o'clock because Real Madrid was late.

Finally, the match started at quarter past nine. At the first part Leo Messi thrashed in two occasions Iker Casillas.
It was amazing, all the people were singing and jumping! At the halftime, I went to buy something to eat. I returned to my chair, near the north goal. The score was 3-0! All the FCBarcelona fans were very  very happy!

[We were seeing an important match for the history]
When the match finished (3-0), we went to sleep in a hotel. The next day, after lunch, we returned to Valls.

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