Thursday, March 1, 2012

Skiing with my school

One month ago I went to Port del Compte to ski. I went to a hostel with my school. The first day I was skiing two hours in the morning and then I went to have lunch in the hostel. The food was bad and I didn’t eat much. In the afternoon I was skiing four hours and then we swam to the heated pool. The next day I got up with sore legs but I also skied. It snow almost all day. In the afternoon we swam again at the heated pool. Then we sent funny messages to each other in the bedroom with Mar and Paula. At night, after dinner, we had a discotheque session and I was the DJ a while. The last day I was skiing in the morning, at half past one I had lunch and then we skied a while because at five o’clock we went back home.

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