Monday, March 5, 2012

Hi. I'm Adam and I'm going to talk about my family. I have a big family. I have a three uncles, two aunts, six cousins, two grand-mothers and one grandparent.

In my house we are: my father, my mother, my two sisters and me.

-My father he is 42 years old, he is big, his hair is black and has brown eyes. He loves play football and he doesn't like play at the XBOX.

-My mather she is 37 yers old, her hair is brown and has green eyes. She loves go to shopping and she doesn't like dancing.

-My sister she is 8 years old and is pretty, she has black hair and her eyes are brown. She likes studying and playing football. She doesn't like smackdown, smackdown is a TV program.

-My sister she is 7 years old, she is pretty, she has brown hair and her eyes are black. She likes Hello Kitty and she doesn't like play tennis.

                        THIS IS MY FAMILY!!!

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Damaris said...

Very well!