Thursday, March 1, 2012

Skate park of Tarragona

An extreordinary event of my life was when I went to the skate park of Tarragona for first time.
I got up at half past eight and I met with my friends in the street.
We went to the train station.
The train left at half past nine.
When we stopped to Alcover, a friend got up the train and we continued.
When we arrived at the skate park , we knew some bikers and we learnt a lot.

When we got back to Picamoixons, at the train there was an alcoholic man doing beatbox.
We had fun!!


Moayo_96 said...

is very interesting  

yesyoukan said...

Yes, IT is very interesting. Next time we'll ask Gerard (rider) to post a video of his crazy jumps!!