Monday, January 16, 2012

My Christmas

I spent my Christmas at home in Liverpool with my family. In England, we celebrate the 24th December (Christmas Eve), the 25th December (Christmas day) and the 26th December (Boxing day).

Father Christmas comes to every house during the night of Christmas Eve and delivers presents. He comes down the chimney and leaves presents underneath the Christmas tree.

We open our presents on Christmas morning and then in the afternoon, all the family have a big, traditional Christmas dinner. Here is a picture of my dinner. I could not eat all the food as there was too much on my plate!

On Boxing day, I spent time with my family and we ate more food! During the evening, my family has a party with all my family and friends. We had a good time!

Here is a picture of me and my cousin in Liverpool during Christmas.

For the New Year, I had a party with my friends.
At midnight, everybody drinks champagne and sings a traditional English song in the street. There are lots of fireworks in the sky.

Tell me how you spent your Christmas.
Did you do anything special?
Did you spend time with your family and friends?
How did you celebrate the New Year?
What presents did your receive?

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